Audio Amplifier from Diodes Incorporated Delivers Higher Power in a Smaller Space

Diodes PAM8320

Diodes Incorporated introduced a 20W mono Class-D audio amplifier in the space-saving SOP16 exposed-pad, surface-mount package. PAM8320’s low-impedance drive capability enables it to deliver 20W into a 4Ω bridge-tied-load speaker, making it suitable for a variety of high-power, small-enclosure speakers in wireless headphones, PCs and docking station products. The amplifier’s wide 4.5V to 15V supply range also means it performs equally well for battery cell and mains-driven consumer audio systems.

Diodes - PAM8320

Operating at an efficiency of up 95%, the PAM8320 eliminates the need for an external heatsink, saving system space and reducing BOM cost. To help increase product reliability, this amplifier features a suite of safeguard circuitry, consisting of over-voltage and under-voltage lockout protection, thermal and short-circuit protection with auto recovery, as well as anti-pop circuitry to keep the speaker safe during power-on and power-off sequences.


  • PC Speakers
  • Home Sound Systems
  • Active speakers
  • Docking stations
  • Bluetooth speaker

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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