Murata has developed world class capacitive type MEMS pressure sensor


Murata has developed newly capacitive type MEMS pressure (barometer) sensor (2.3 × 2.6 mm typ.). Samples and pre-production quantities will be delivered to customers in early 2014, with mass production ramping up to support broad market demand by Q4.

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Murata - MEMS pressure sensor

There is a growing need for the high accuracy and low current consumption pressure sensor especially in the field of navigation and activity monitoring system. Murata will be launching the capacitive type MEMS pressure sensor especially aiming for the consumer market.

For the application of mobile devices, temperature characteristics, noise performance and current consumption are always the key parameters. Murata's capacitive MEMS technology will enable these key parameters to be at the highest performance level which will lead users to precisely detect the Z axis position, for example, to differentiate between floors and stairs. Murata's sensor noise level is extremely low (0.5 Pa rms). This is equivalent to 5 cm height level.

The product's application may also be extended to other than mobile navigation, for example healthcare and precise weather forecast information.

Technical data

2.3 × 2.6 mm typ. × 0.95 mm max.
Operation range
300 to 1100 hPa
Relative accuracy
±0.12 hPa typ. (T = +25 °C, P = 800 to 1,100hPa)
Absolute accuracy
±1.0 hPa typ. (T = –10 to +65 °C, P = 800 to 1,100 hPa)

Electric characteristics

Current consumption/noise level
Conversion time
RMS noise (spec.)
Current consumption (spec.)
1/12 sec
2.1 Pa rms
4.1 µA
1 sec
0.5 Pa rms
42 µA

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