mikroElektronika releases new dsPIC/PIC24 compilers v6.2.0

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Continuing on mikroProg™ update, we present you the new release of dsPIC compilers for mikroBasic, mikroPascal, and mikroC v6.2.0.

MikroElektronika  - dsPIC/PIC24 compilers

To begin with, a total of 59 new devices are supported, specifically, new PIC24 and dsPIC33 families from “EP’, “F0” ,“F1”, ”FJ”, “FV” and “EP” series. You'll also get a huge set of libraries and functions for the newly added chips, because the way we look at it, support alone isn't worth much if you have to write code from scratch.

Debugging with mikroProg™ for PIC®, dsPIC® and PIC32® is now supported for 50 newly added MCUs.

There are some slight improvements made to the IDE, flash library, and code optimizer, and many more tweaks under the hood, all those little things that add up to make your coding sessions more enjoyable and productive.


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