New ultra low capacitance ESD protection diodes in DFN1006


NXP further enlarges its ESD protection portfolio by releasing the first two of four new ultra low capacitance unidirectional double ESD protection diodes in very small, leadless DFN1006-3 and DFN1006B-3  packages. PESD5V0X2UM  and PESD5V0X2UMB are designed to protect up to two signal lines from damage caused by ESD and other transients.

NXP  DFN1006

Housed in ultra small packages of 1.0 × 0.6 mm2 with package heights of only 0.48 and 0.37 mm, these devices are especially designed for space constrained applications. They offer an ultra low capacitance down to Cd = 0.5 pF together with an ESD robustness up to VESD = 10 kV and a peak pulse current of 1.5 A. Additionally, both protection diodes are AEC-Q101 qualified.

Key features and benefits

  • Ultra low diode capacitance: Cd = 0.50 pF
  • Ultra low package height of only 0.37 mm
  • ESD protection up to 10 kV; IEC61000-4-2
  • IPPM = 1.5 A; IEC 61643-321 (surge)
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

Key applications

  • High-speed data lines such as USB2.0, USB2.0/3.0 combi port
  • Portable devices
  • Communication systems
  • Computers and peripherals

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