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TLE5041plusC: High Performance, High-End iGMR Wheel Speed Sensor

Infineon » TLE5041plusC

TLE5041plusC is Infineon's first ever iGMR wheel speed sensor. It is specially designed for indirect TPMS systems, which use information from wheel speed sensors to control a car's tire pressure. The calculation algorithms in the system have to work with accurate data for the entire system to work correctly. Low jitter is therefore crucial. Conventional Hall sensors can be pushed to their limits under these conditions. However, TLE5041plusC has been specifically designed to meet these demanding jitter requirements. Like its Hall predecessors, TLE5041plusC is a differential system and thus particularly robust against stray fields. 

Infineon TLE5041plusC

TLE5041plusC is also available in the same PG-SSO-2-53 package as its Hall relatives. As such, it can be used for increasingly popular magnetic encoder applications ("pole wheel"). Back bias solutions ("steel wheel") are currently not supported. This brand new, high-end iGMR chip is in a similar price range to TLE4941plusC Hall-based switch.

Infineon TLE5041plusC


  • Low jitter
  • High sensitivity: Wide air-gap performance
  • 2 mm sensing iGMR element pitch for use with magnetic encoder wheels
  • Differential front end, highly immune to disturbing fields
  • Two-wire current interface
  • Monolithic integration on a single die
  • No external components required
  • Insensitive to mechanical stress
  • Wide junction temperature range from -40 °C to 170 °C


  • General wheel speed sensing (ABS)
  • Electronic stability program (ESP)
  • Indirect tire pressure monitoring (iTPMF)

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