Micron Technology, Inc. Announces Sample Availability of 128 Megabit Q-Flash Memory


Boise, Idaho, December 9, 2002 - Micron Technology, Inc., today announced sample availability of 128 Megabit (Mb) Q-FlashTM memory, a competitive, fully pin-and-function compatible, alternative source to Intel's StrataFlash® devices. This product is part of the Q-Flash family of high-density, even-sectored Flash devices; adding the 128Mb version to the already available 32Mb and 64Mb densities.

"Advancing our Q-Flash family to the 128Mb density demonstrates Micron's continued commitment to support our customers with a full line of Flash, DRAM, SRAM and TCAM products.," said Jerry Johnson, Micron's Strategic Product Marketing Director for Networking and Communications. "As a drop in replacement, this nonvolatile memory device provides networking and communications customers with an efficient, alternative source, requiring no additional software or hardware changes to an application's design."

Micron's 128Mb Q-Flash memory is manufactured using 0.15 process technology providing customers with an efficient design and cost-effective solution. This device provides electrical-block erase, programmable and read only memory features. Q-Flash devices target a wide range of applications such as set-top boxes, cellular base stations, networking, PDAs, and automotive applications.

Micron's Q-Flash memory is the only true StrataFlash compatible, alternate source currently available in the market. Micron continues to respond to customers' needs with complete networking and communications memory solutions, including DDR/QDRTM SRAM, RLDRAMTM, SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, SyncFlash® and TCAM devices.

Engineering samples of the 128Mb Q-Flash device (MT28F128J3) are available now to qualified customers. Micron anticipates volume production in Q3-2003. For more detailed information, including data sheets, visit Micron's Q-Flash web site at http://www.micron.com/qflash.

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