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2 mm-Thick 100 W Wireless Charging for Notebooks and Tablets


On the final day of the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show, NXP Semiconductors N.V. introduced the first high-power wireless charging solution for notebooks and 2-in-1 tablets, with up to 100 W of delivered power, covering the entire range of power supply requirements for this segment. At <2 mm in thickness and low component count, the solution is capable of fitting into the tightest industrial design constraints. Concerns and costs associated with cooling are eliminated with 94 percent power transfer efficiency. Extended z-height capability allows for the transmitter to be mounted under a desktop or surface, and large spatial freedom in the x-y plane enables a seamless user experience.

2 mm-Thick 100 W Wireless Charging for Notebooks and Tablets

Wireless charging has been a popular addition to smartphones and other small portable electronics. Portable computing devices, however, need considerably more power than available from smartphone chargers. This new NXP solution allows consumers to have a truly cord-free experience with notebooks and 2-in-1 tablets, even with their higher power consumption requirements. Consumers will benefit from the convenience and freedom offered by wireless charging. For many years, consumers have been able to connect mice, keyboards and headsets or reach the internet wirelessly, but a power supply cable was still necessary. This solution enables portable computing companies to cut the last cord for customers.

“This technology adds significant value to the end user by eliminating the traditional power transfer model, requiring a power cord and outlet, yet it is easily aligned to existing product form factors and power levels, minimizing the need for changes in the design of end-products,” said Steve Tateosian, solutions marketing director at NXP Semiconductor. “From the start, we’ve focused on delivering a complete, yet flexible solution to enable rapid adoption by our customers in the portable computing space.”

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has a well-established working group dedicated to creating an efficient and safe wireless power standard for use in notebooks, 2-in-1s and other products that require 30-200 W of power. NXP, a WPC board member, is committed to support the industry standard developed by this working group.

“The mass adoption of wireless power will require an industry standard supported by many companies, end product manufacturers and component suppliers,” said Menno Treffers, chairman, WPC. “NXP is one of the driving forces behind the standardization of 30-200 W wireless power transfer, and this announcement demonstrates how close we are to efficiently and safely powering computers without using connectors and cables.”

NXP’s High Power Wireless Charging Solution includes the charging pad, or transmitter, for use on a desktop or mounting below the surface, and a receiver, which is integrated into the notebook or 2-in-1 tablet. The solution is fully tested and documented, development hardware is available from NXP directly, and it comes with a complete bill of materials and software, ready for rapid market adoption.

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