Sharp Sets the Performance Standard With New 4.3-Inch Industrial-Grade Display

Sharp LQ043T1DG01 LQ043T1DG02

Sharp Microelectronics has introduced a 4.3-inch industrial-grade LCD display designed for mobile and portable-use applications. The LQ043T1DG01 is a highly-integrated display with touch panel that will complement any handheld or portable device design. The display delivers superior performance in brightness and contrast, operates over a broad temperature range, and features a wide viewing angle; all while conserving power.

The display offers 16 million colors, a 16:9 aspect ratio, high brightness of 500 nits and a viewing cone of 120 degrees (H) x 100 degrees (V) in 480 (H) x 272 (V) pixels. The LQ043T1DG01 is an excellent fit for applications in challenging industrial and handheld environments and high ambient light conditions. Its high level of integration means a lower parts count. Typical applications include PDAs, portable medical equipment, GPS/navigation, home automation control, test and measurement equipment, fish finders, and security systems.

Sharp Industrial-Grade Display

As an industrial performance part, the LQ043T1DG01 is designed and tested to meet demanding environments by providing wide operating temperatures, high brightness, and a wide viewing angle. The display features an integrated touch panel and a standard TFT interface (no ASIC or GSIC required). The display is backed by Sharp’s highly-recognized quality service and support.

Key features of the 4.3-inch display include:

  • Wide temperature range (-10 to +70 degrees C)
  • High brightness (500 nits)
  • Wide viewing angle (degrees) (120 (H) x 100 (V))
  • Integrated interface
  • Touch panel
LCD Type
Screen size
Panel Mode
Pixel Format
480 (H) x 272 (V)
Pixel Pitch
0.198 (H) x 0.198 (V)
Active Area
95.04 (H) x 53.856 (V)
Aspect Ratio
Outline Dimension
105.5 (W) x 67.2 (H) x 5.05 (D) mm 
Display Mode
Normally white
Number of Colors
16 million
500 nits
Viewing Angle (degrees)
120 (H) by 100 (V)
Contrast Ratio
Response Time
30 ms
Temperature Range
-10 to +70 degrees C
Touch Panel
4-wire resistive


The LQ043T1DG01 is available as a demo and sample. Pricing starts at $145 per single piece. Sharp displays are available through Sharp Representatives and Distributors throughout the Americas. Sharp displays are RoHS compliant. A dedicated sales and field applications engineering team at Sharp supports OEM and Integration Partners during every step of the design cycle.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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