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  1. Maury Wright LEDs Magazine Sharp Devices Europe has announced the Mini-Tiger Zenigata LED family that includes emitters in two different CCTs, which allows the components to produce light over the range of 2700 6500 K. The LEDs will enable tunable ...
    Sharp » Mini-Tiger Zenigata
  2. The LED device having a luminous flux of 14,000lm Sharp announced that it has developed a high-brightness LED device, GW7GAL50SGC, and will start to ship samples March 5, 2013. The GW7GAL50SGC, which is for lighting apparatuses with a wattage of ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Sharp » GW7GAL50SGC
  3. New display will vie with LG, Samsung, and others for dominance While Samsung Electronics currently dominates the thriving smartphone commodity display market, a number of Asian rivals are aiming to unseat the South Korean giant. Among them is ...
  4. Sharp has unveiled a semi-transparent solar panel that is able to harness energy from the sun while still allowing some light to pass through. The new panels aren’t able to capture and generate as much power as a traditional solar cell but ...
  5. Sharp Corp. recently unveiled two versions of a new robotic vacuum cleaner named Cocorobo (a play of words that combines “heart” and “robot” in Japanese). While they are expected to be more expensive than iRobot’s ...
    Homeware · Domestic · Robots » Sharp » RX-V80-S, RX-V100-W
  6. Sharp Corp will release a 1/2.3-inch CCD image sensor with a total pixel count of 20.2 million (20.15 million for imaging) for compact digital cameras. The sensor, RJ23G3BA0LT, has the industry's highest pixel count of all the 1/2.3-inch CCD image ...
    Optoelectronics · Camcorders » Sharp » RJ23G3BA0LT
  7. The 2nd generation of the 10W Mini Zeni variant from Sharp now radiates with an even higher efficacy of up to 106 lm/W, a greater luminous flux of up to 900 lm and is available with a (typical) CRI value of 82 The new product generation is based on ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Sharp » GW5BMJ30K04, GW5BMJ40K04, GW5BMJ50K04
  8. Sharp Microelectronics has introduced a 4.3-inch industrial-grade LCD display designed for mobile and portable-use applications. The LQ043T1DG01 is a highly-integrated display with touch panel that will complement any handheld or portable device ...
    Electronic components » Sharp » LQ043T1DG01, LQ043T1DG02
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