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IDT Introduces Family of SPDT Reflective RF Switches with Wide Frequency Range, Low Distortion, and Low Insertion Loss

IDT » F2972, F2976

Supporting a Frequency Range of 5MHz to 10GHz, the New Devices Deliver Superior RF Performance in Tiny 2 mm × 2 mm Packages

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) introduced a new family of high-performance single-pole, double throw reflective (SPDTR) RF switches in compact 2 mm × 2 mm packages. The F2972 and F2976 operate from 5 MHz to 10 GHz, offering an industry-leading mix of low-insertion loss, high isolation, low distortion and high power handling.

IDT - F2972, F2976

The IDT® devices are specified for use in either 50 or 75 ohm systems, offering versatility for a wide range of markets and applications, including, BTS wireless communications equipment, DOCSIS 3.1 CATV applications, drones, and general purpose consumer products.

The F2972 and F2976 have similar RF performance and pin outs, however each device has a unique feature pin. The F2972 offers an enable/disable pin for green, low-power consumption applications. The F2976 has a logic-select feature pin that allows the user to invert the switch control logic, enabling the control of multiple switches with a single control line where each switch needs to be in different states.

Evaluation Board for F2976 High Linearity Broadband SP2T RF Switch
Evaluation Board for F2976 High Linearity
Broadband SP2T RF Switch.

The new IDT RF devices feature:

  • Low insertion loss of 0.36 dB and isolation of 42 dB at 2000 MHz
  • Extremely low distortion that allows these devices to be used in a wide range of applications
    • IIP2/IIP3: 120/77 dBm
    • H2/H3: –100/–120 dBc
    • CSO/CTB: >100/>100 dBc
  • (F2972) An enable/disable feature that conserves power consumption
  • (F2976) A logic select feature that delivers maximum control logic flexibility
  • Silicon-based semiconductor technology
  • Wide 3.3/5 V Vdd and 1.8/3.3 V control voltage ranges
  • Wide –40 to 105 °C temperature range with an excellent thermal characteristic

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