International Rectifier Introduces 12V, 100A Active ORing Reference Design that Reduces Component Count and Size by 50%

International Rectifier IRAC5001

International Rectifier, IR® introduced a reference design for +12V, 100A ORing applications. Active ORing has long replaced diode ORing in high current 12V systems due to system efficiency and cost benefits. Now, the IRAC5001 solution provides a further advance by reducing the number of FETs needed by 50% compared to rivals' equivalent TO-220 devices. In addition, solution volume is reduced by at least 60%, enabled by the DirectFET MOSFET double-sided cooling capability.

The reference design contains four IRF6609 20V, 2mOhm DirectFETTM MOSFETs in parallel to create a 0.5mOhm effective RDS(on) for a high efficiency ORing circuit with fast fault detection and reaction time of 130ns.

The "FET Check" feature is enabled in this reference design, and allows real-time"FET-good" checking for extra fault protection and the highest possible reliability for high power systems.

Active ORing is a key efficiency requirement for many high-end systems requiring maximum up-time, such as carrier-class communication equipment, telecom and datacom system servers. IR's IR5001S IC is ideal for applications such as high reliability server and storage systems where "N+1" redundant power supplies feed into a central load.

reference design Active ORing
Part Number Rail Voltage (V) Current (A) Equivalent RDS(on) (mohms) Featured Part Description
IRAC5001-HS100A +12 100 0.5 IR5001 +12V, 100A, 0.5mohm Active ORing Reference Design

Availability and Pricing
The IRAC5001-HS100A is available immediately. Pricing is US $250 each. Pricing is subject to change.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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