International Rectifier Introduces Novel Automotive Motor Controller IC that Simplifies Design and Cuts Component Count by 90%

International Rectifier IR3220S

November 14, 2003- International Rectifier, IR® introduces the highly integrated IR3220S H-bridge motor controller IC for automotive DC applications up to 6A. The extensive functionality of the IR3220S cuts component count by as much as 90% compared to discrete designs, reducing design time and cost by up to 20%. The IR3220S enables rugged designs with benchmark electrical characteristics.

Rated at 40V, the IR3220S integrates an H-bridge controller with two very efficient high-side HEXFETТ MOSFETs in a single 20-pin package. A complete, fully operational and fully protected H-bridge control actuator with forward, reverse, braking and non-braking modes without a microcontroller can be made with the IR3220, two IRF7484 low-side MOSFETs and 10 external passive components. The H-bridge circuit occupies 21mm x 25mm, or less than one square inch, as much as 80% smaller than an H-bridge circuit using discrete devices.

The IR3220S has been specifically designed to drive motors and actuators in automotive applications such as fuel, water and vacuum pumps, compressors, throttle controls, power seats and door locks, window lifters, automatic sunroofs and windshield wipers.

Shoot-through, over-temperature and over-current protection, over-voltage clamp and under-voltage lockout for both high- and low-side are built-in to enable a rugged H-bridge design. The innovative shoot-through design controls each leg of the H-bridge independently and eliminates diagonal commands. The IR3220S also integrates a programmable soft-start sequence using an internal 20kHz PWM to limit in-rush currents.

The thermal performance of the H-bridge circuit using the IR3220S and low-side IRF7484 MOSFETs enable operation up to 6A at 85°C junction temperature without a heatsink. The low on-resistance, low 10microamps leakage current, soft-start function and sleep mode all combine to reduce heat during start-up and continuous duty. The sleep mode makes IR3220S H-bridge circuits ideal for direct battery connection.

Part Number Description Package VCC RDS(ON) Iout @ Ta=85°C IShutdown PWM ISS(leakage current) Tjmax
IR3220S H-bridge controller IC w/two high-side MOSFETs, Q100 qualified 20-pin SOIC 40V 13mW 6A 30A 20kHz 10mA 150°C

Pricing and Availability

The new IR3220S is available immediately. Pricing is US $2.90 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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