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SII Semiconductor has launched the production of economical Step-Down converters for portable and mobile devices

SII » S-85S0A

SNT-6A5.5 V Input, 50 mA Synchronous Step-Down Switching Regulator with 260 nA Quiescent Current S-85S0A Series

The S-85S0A Series introduces own distinctive low power consumption control and COT (Constant On-Time) control, features ultra low current consumption (260 nA quiescent current) and fast transient response, operates at PFM control. The S-85S0A Series realizes high efficiency in a wide range of load current consumption and provides strong support for extended period operation of mobile devices and wearable devices which are equipped with compact batteries.

Typical Application Circuit
Typical Application Circuit.

The S-85S0A Series can configure a step-down regulator only with a coil, an input capacitor, and an output capacitor. By using external parts recommended in this datasheet, the occupancy area can be reduced to 1.6 mm × 4.3 mm = 6.9 mm2, and it contributes to miniaturization of electronic equipment.

Efficiency vs. Output current
Efficiency vs. Output current.


  • Ultra low current consumption: 260 nA quiescent current
  • Efficiency (when under 100 μA load): 90.5%
  • Fast transient response: COT control
  • Input voltage: 2.2 V to 5.5 V
  • Output voltage
    • 0.7 V to 2.5 V, in 0.05 V step
    • 2.6 V to 3.9 V, in 0.1 V step
  • Output voltage accuracy:
    • ±1.5% (1.0 V ≤ VOUT ≤ 3.9 V)
    • ±15 mV (0.7 V ≤ VOUT < 1.0 V)
  • High side power MOSFET on-resistance : 420 mΩ
  • Low side power MOSFET on-resistance : 320 mΩ
  • Soft-start function: 1 ms typ.
  • Under voltage lockout function (UVLO): 1.8 V typ. (detection voltage)
  • Thermal shutdown function: 135°C typ. (detection temperature)
  • Overcurrent limit function: 300 mA (at L = 2.2 μH)
  • Automatic recovery type short-circuit protection function: Hiccup control
  • Input and output capacitors: Ceramic capacitor compatible
  • Operation temperature range: Ta = −40°C to +85°C
  • Lead-free (Sn 100%), halogen-free


  • Wearable device
  • Bluetooth device
  • Wireless sensor network device
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Smart meter
  • Portable game device

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