Universal Flyback and Buck-Boost Single Stage Dimmable LED Driver

Diodes AL1673

Diodes Incorporated introduced the AL1673. The AL1673 is a high-performance single stage LED Driver-converter operating in Flyback and Buck-Boost topologies, targeting dimmable LED lighting applications. It operates in BCM mode which results in good EMI and efficiency.

Diodes - AL1673

The AL1673 supports multiple dimming modes. When a 0.3~2.4 V DC signal is applied on APWM pin, the device will operate in analog dimming mode. When a digital signal is applied on APWM pin, the device works at PWM dimming mode.

The AL1673 features low start-up current and low operating current. It integrates multiple protection functions including overvoltage, short-circuit, overcurrent and over-temperature protection.

The AL1673 has a built-in 600 V/2 A high-voltage MOSFET and is available in SO-8EP package.


  • General LED Lighting Driver with Dimming Function
  • General Purpose Constant Current Source
  • Smart LED Lighting


  • Valley Switching for Low Switching Loss
  • Low Start-Up Current
  • High PF and Low THD
  • High Efficiency
  • Tight LED Current Variation Range
  • Tight Output Open Voltage Variation Range
  • Integrates 600 V/2 A MOSFET
  • Support Both PWM Dimming and Analog Dimming
  • PWM Dimming Range: 3% to 100% at 1 kHz PWM Frequency
  • Analog Dimming and PWM-to-DC Dimming Range: 18% to 100%
  • Internal Protections
    • Under Voltage Lock Out (UVLO)
    • Output Over Voltage Protection (OVP)
    • Output Short Protection (OSP)
    • Over Current Protection (OCP)
    • Thermal Fold-back Protection (TFP)
    • Over Temperature Protection (OTP)
  • Low System Cost
  • Package: SO-8EP
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