STMicroelectronics Introduces Compact Analog-Output Accelerometer With Three-axis

STMicroelectronics LIS344AL

STMicroelectronics announced a new solution extending its family of ultra-compact ‘low-g’ linear accelerometers with a three-axis analog-output sensor. Ideally suited for battery-powered and space-constrained portable devices, such as mobile phones, portable media players, PDAs or remote controls, the LIS344AL is a cost-sensitive MEMS solution in an ultra-compact square footprint operating with low power consumption. The single-package approach protects a robust three-axis MEMS sensor and a CMOS interface chip that provides tilting and motion information, independent of the device’s orientation, thanks to the three-axis sensing capabilities.

LIS344AL STMicroelectronics

The LIS344AL estimates acceleration values at a very low noise level with minimized power consumption, which is especially critical in battery-operated portable systems. The new accelerometer is housed in an inexpensive 4 x 4 x 1.5 mm plastic package to fit in a variety of space-constrained applications and its ultra-compact, robust design provides shock survivability up to 10,000g.

ST’s new accelerometer offers a full-scale output range of +/-3.5g. The built-in self-test facility allows the user to verify both the mechanical and electrical parts of the device. The accelerometer uses ST’s ECOPACK® lead-free technology for RoHS-compliance (the EU’s Restriction on Use of Hazardous Substances Directive).

The LIS344AL addresses a wide range of applications including data-integrity protection; user interface; anti-theft system; remote device control; intelligent motion-based power management; sport and health monitoring devices.

ST’s LIS344AL is in volume production now. Unit pricing is $1.40 for large volumes.

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