CMX975 RF Building Block - 2.7GHz Up/Down Converter

CML Microcircuits CMX975

CML Microcircuits is pleased to announce the release of the CMX975 – 2.7 GHz Up/Down Converter expanding its RF Building Block IC range.

CML Microcircuits - CMX975

The CMX975 is an enabler for small form factor high frequency RF transceiver designs, operating up to 2.7 GHz, that require high performance and low power consumption; in a small form factor. The device integrates up and down conversion mixers and associated frequency generation circuitry, therefore minimizing the number of external components required to configure a complete system.

The device features programmable operation, allowing the designer to fully optimize the system design. Both receive and transmit mixers can be selected to operate as a double balanced mixer stage or as image canceling mixers, intended to ease external filtering requirements and to lower overall system cost. A flexible switching arrangement allows internal or externally sourced local oscillator signals and the main RF mixers to be driven from an external or integrated VCO. The integrated Fractional-N PLL allows fine frequency resolution and fast frequency lock. An integer-N PLL and VCO is also integrated to provide an IF local oscillator for superhet architecture operation.

The CMX975 has programmable power management functionality, controlled via a SPI compatible serial bus, operates from a single 2.7-3.6 V power supply and is available in a small outline VQFN package.

EV9750 - Evaluation Kit for CMX975
EV9750 – Evaluation Kit for CMX975.

The device is ideally suited to applications in mobile satellite services (MSS), military communications, aircraft surveillance systems, high performance ISM radio applications and general purpose RF/IF communication systems.

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