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Toshiba launch high current photorelays in DIP4 package

Toshiba » TLP3553A, TLP3555A

Advanced performance and extended temperature enables easier use

Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched two new high current photorelays that are fabricated using the latest U-MOS IX semiconductor process.

Toshiba - TLP3553A, TLP3555A

The new TLP3553A and TLP3555A devices feature OFF-state output terminal voltage ratings of 30 V and 60 V, and ON-state continuous current ratings of 4 A and 3 A – higher than previous generation products. When operated in pulsed mode, the current ratings increase to 9 A for both devices.

Common applications for these devices include industrial equipment (PLCs, I/O interface, sensor controls), building automation systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning [HVAC]), security equipment and the replacement of mechanical relays in legacy systems.

The TLP3553A features a low ON-state resistance of just 50 mΩ (max.) which is less than a typical mechanical relay (about 100 mΩ). This ensures that operating losses are kept to a minimum when the device is used to replace mechanical relays such as 1-Form-A that are commonly used in industrial applications. The photorelays are rated for operation at temperatures between –40 °C and +110 °C, making it easy to achieve a thermal margin in designs.

When mechanical relays are replaced with photorelays, such as the TLP355xA devices, then system reliability is immediately improved. As the photorelays are physically smaller than a mechanical relay, and no additional driver is required, then space and weight is also saved. Both TLP3553A and TLP3555A are provided in a DIP4 package both with and without surface mount option.

Both devices are now shipping in production quantities.

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