Toshiba's New Photorelays with Low Trigger Current Contribute to Low Power Consumption in Battery-Powered Equipment

Toshiba TLP170AM TLP170GM

Maximum trigger LED current of 1 mA and increased sensitivity of the photodiode array

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH (“Toshiba”) has introduced two new photorelays, the TLP170AM and TLP170GM, housed in a small 4-pin SO6 package, for security systems, building automation and other industrial equipment.

Toshiba - TLP170AM, TLP170GM

The new products feature a low trigger LED current of 1 mA, which reduces input side power loss by increasing the sensitivity of the photodiode array. Using these photorelays for ON/OFF control in battery-powered security devices and various sensors, contributes to lower power consumption and longer operating life.

TLP170AM has a rated off-state output terminal voltage (VOFF) of 60 V. It features a typ. on-state resistance (RON) of 0.15 Ω and constant on-state current (ION) of 0.7 A, with pulse operation of up to 2.1 A. The TLP170GM is a 350 V version with a typ. RON of 28 Ω, and ION of 110 mA constant current and 330 mA pulse operation. Both devices have a rated operating temperature between –40 °C and 85 °C, to allow for a temperature margin in system-level thermal design.

The 4-pin SO6 package enables a minimum isolation voltage of 3750 Vrms, allowing the devices to be used in equipment requiring high insulation performance.

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