Dual-Channel 4A Gate Driver from STMicroelectronics Integrates Galvanic Isolation and Protection Features

STMicroelectronics STGAP2DM

The STGAP2DM gate driver, the second in the STGAP2 series of galvanically isolated drivers from STMicroelectronics, integrates low-voltage control and interface circuitry with two isolated output channels that allow either unipolar or bipolar gate driving.

STMicroelectronics - STGAP2DM

Rated up to 1700 V, the STGAP2DM’s built-in isolation enhances safety as well as simplifying design and saving bill of materials and board space. The two 26 V rail-to-rail outputs with 4 A gate-drive capability ensure strong performance in industrial motor drives and high-power inverters. The STGAP2DM is also ideal for battery chargers, welders, induction heaters, and general-purpose power supplies and converters.

Comprehensive built-in safety features simplify system design and enhance reliability, including dedicated Shutdown and Brake pins, Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO), interlocking to prevent both outputs being high at the same time, and thermal shutdown. A standby mode, controlled by managing voltages on the input pins, lets users save power when the driver is idle.

The STAGP2DM Block diagram
The STAGP2DM Block diagram.

The 3.3 V/5 V TTL/CMOS logic-compatible inputs allow easy connection to a host controller, and input-to-output propagation delay of 80 ns ensures fast operation with high PWM-control accuracy.

The STAGP2DM is in production now, packaged as a compact SO-16 device with pinout optimized to simplify board design. Prices start from $2.17 for orders of 1000 pieces.

Demonstration board for EVALSTGAP2DM isolated half-bridge gate
Demonstration board for EVALSTGAP2DM isolated half-bridge gate.
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