Automotive Constant Current Regulated LED Driver - TSCR400CX6H, TSCR402CX6H

Taiwan Semiconductor TSCR400 TSCR402

The TSCR400 & TSCR402 are High-Side Constant Current Regulator (CCR) designed by Taiwan Semiconductor for linear LED driving. The device regulates with a preset TSCR400 0.1 mA and TSCR402 20 mA nominal that can be adjusted with an external resistor up to 65 mA. It is designed for driving LEDs in strings and will reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect. Operating as a series linear CCR for LED string current control, it can be used in multiple applications, as long as the maximum supply voltage to the device is <40 V. The output current at higher temperatures is the result of the negative temperature coefficient of –0.07 %/°C of the LED driver.

Taiwan Semiconductor - TSCR400, TSCR402

Key Features & Advantages:

  • AEC-Q100 qualified with the following results:
    • Device temperature grade 1: –40 °C to 125 °C
    • Device HBM ESD classification level H2
    • Device CDM ESD classification level C6
  • LED drive current preset:
    • TSCR400CX6: 0.1 mA
    • TSCR402CX6: 20 mA
  • Continuous output current up to 65 mA with an external resistor
  • Easy paralleling of drivers to increase current
  • Supply voltage up to 40 V
  • Good temperature coefficient vs. output current
  • PPAP capable
Typical Application Circuit
Typical Application Circuit.


  • Ambient light
  • Interior light
  • Turn signals
  • Rear cluster lighting
  • Puddle & Sill lights
  • Reading light
  • Instrument cluster illumination
Part Number Breakdown
Adj. Output
Configuration Package
TSCR400CX6H 40 1.6~40 0.1 0.1~65 High-Side SOT-26
TSCR402CX6H 40 1.4~40 20 20~65 High-Side SOT-26
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