64-Channel High-Voltage Switch IC from STMicroelectronics Drives Portability with Performance in Medical and Industrial Imaging

STMicroelectronics STHV64SW

STMicroelectronics’ 64-channel high-voltage analog-switch IC delivers unprecedented integration for advanced ultrasound systems, probes, piezoelectric drivers, automated test equipment, industrial automation, and process-control systems.

STMicroelectronics - STHV64SW

The STHV64SW comprises a shift register for logic control signals, self-biased high-voltage MOSFET gate drivers, and N-channel MOSFET switches capable of providing up to ±3 A peak output current. The switches respond quickly, with 1.5 µs turn-on time, and low quiescent current saves power when turned off. Low on-resistance with low distortion and crosstalk ensure high signal integrity. Thermal shutdown and under-voltage lockout (UVLO) are built-in to ensure safe operation.

ST has created this advanced device leveraging proprietary BCD6s-SOI (silicon on insulator) and BCD8s SOI process technologies to combine precise analog circuitry (Bipolar), low-voltage CMOS logic, and robust DMOS power stages on the same chip. The STHV64SW can operate with various combinations of high-voltage supplies up to –100 V/ +100 V, 0 V/ 200 V, or –200 V/ 0 V.

The STHV64SW has already been designed into innovative high-tech equipment such as ultrasonic flaw detectors for industrial non-destructive testing (NDT), as well as into affordable and portable handheld medical echography devices that are raising standards of pre-natal care available to remote and rural communities.

The highly integrated 64-channel analog-switch IC comes in a small FCBGA package as does the recently announced companion 16-pulser STHV1600 IC, enabling system manufacturers to increase channel density for superior ultrasound image resolution, using minimal board space.

The STHV64SW is available now, packaged as a BGA-196 device, from $45.00 for orders of 1000 pieces. The STEVAL-IME015V1 evaluation board is also available, for orders please contact your ST sales office.

The STEVAL-IME015V1 Evaluation Board
The STEVAL-IME015V1 Evaluation Board.
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