10A H-Bridge Motor Driver ICs from Toshiba Fully Optimised for Automotive Deployment

Toshiba TB9053FTG TB9054FTG

Innovative design enables microcontroller port reduction via daisy-chain connection function

Toshiba Electronics Europe has just announced two new driver ICs for brushed DC motors. The TB9054FTG and TB9053FTG utilise advanced DMOS FET technology to achieve a low RDS(ON) value. These H-bridge devices are AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified and support temperatures up to 150 °C junction temperature.

Toshiba - TB9053FTG, TB9054FTG

Thanks to greater functional integration alongside streamlining of interfaces (e.g., no external capacitor is necessary for charge-pump operation), the new Toshiba driver ICs have the capacity to significantly contribute to the downsizing of automotive electronic control units (ECUs). High-precision motor control can be executed via use of just the SPI interface (or through direct PWM control if preferred). This enables port reductions in the host microcontroller to be realized. In addition, built-in diagnostics allow ongoing performance and functional observation. Current monitoring and current limiting features are also incorporated.

TB9053FTG is available in a QFN40 thermally enhanced power package with an extraordinary low Rth of just 0.67 K/W. Over-current, over-temperature and open load protection mechanisms are all included. Among the key applications for these driver ICs are ETC, EGR, power mirror folding, small fans, grill shutter, camera or OBC lid operation, plus soft power door opening/closing systems.

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