HOLTEK New BH66F2742 ATS 24-bit A/D MCU

Holtek BH66F2742

Holtek is delighted to announce the release of its new ATS 24-bit A/D Flash MCU, the BH66F2742. The main special feature of this device is its integrated accurate temperature sensor, ATS. This new device is suitable for use in infrared temperature measurements such as body temperature measurements and high precision environmental temperature measurement applications. These applications include products such as forehead thermometers, ear thermometers, electronic thermometers, body temperature patches and cold chain products.

Holtek - BH66F2742

As the device includes an accurate temperature sensor, a 24-bit A/D converter, an OPA and an LDO, huge savings can be made on external components and allows for smaller product outlines which will result in lower production costs. The temperature accuracy is ±0.1 °C @ 32 °C … 42 °C and ±0.2 °C @ –20 °C … 60 °C. With regards to other resources, the device includes a 4K×16 Flash Program Memory, a 256×8 Data Memory and a range of communication interfaces that can be connected to Bluetooth modules. The device also includes a 32×8 EEPROM memory which can be used to store any required automatic adjustments for the product as well as calibration parameters thus simplifying development and production. With regards to packaging, the device is supplied in 16-pin SSOP and 24-pin QFN package types.

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