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12-bit ADC is industry's fastest at 3.6 GSPS

National Semiconductor » ADC12D1000, ADC12D1600, ADC12D1800

At 3.6 Gsamples/s, the 12-bit ADC12D1800 A/D converter (National Semiconductor) is claimed to be 3.6 times faster than the closest competition. The part’s dynamic performance of –147-dBm/Hz noise floor, 52-dB noise power ratio (NPR), and –61-dBFS intermodulation distortion (IMD) enable a new generation of software-defined radio (SDR) architectures and applications. The ADC also offers 57.8-dB SNR, 67-dBc SFDR, and 9.2 ENOB at 125 MHz. The energy-efficient design consumes only 2.05 W per channel.

Also available with this part are the ADC12D1600 and ADC12D1000. The ADC12D1600 delivers single-channel sampling rates up to 3.2 Gsamples/s, or dual-channel rates up to 1.6 Gsamples/s. It features a –147.5-dBm/Hz noise floor, 52-dB NPR, and –63-dBFS IMD. It also consumes 1.9 W per channel, and offers 58.6-dB SNR, 68-dBc SFDR, and 9.3 ENOB at 125 MHz.

The ADC12D1000 provides single-channel sampling rates up to 2.0 Gsamples/s, or dual-channel rates up to 1.0 Gsamples/s. It features a –147.5 dBm per Hz noise floor, 52 dB NPR and –66 dBFS IMD. This part consumes 1.7 W per channel and offers 59.1-dB SNR, 70.5-dBc SFDR, and 9.5 ENOB at 125 MHz.

The ADCs run off a 1.9-V single supply and consist of two channels that can operate interleaved or as independent channels. They include circuitry for multichip synchronization, programmable gain and offset adjustment per channel. The internal track-and-hold amplifier and extended self-calibration scheme enable a very flat response of all dynamic parameters for input frequencies exceeding 2 GHz, while providing an exceptionally low 10–18 code error rate.

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