Flusso launches world's smallest air velocity sensor

Flusso FLS122

Flusso has announced another breakthrough for the flow sensing market: the world’s smallest air velocity sensor. The FLS122 has a footprint of just 3.5 by 3.5 mm, making it 80% smaller than today’s smallest competitive device.

Flusso - FLS122

Flusso’s FLS122 sensor has been specifically developed to enable board-mounted air velocity measurements for thermal management and filter monitoring in some of the most space-constrained and challenging environments. It will also help the company further extend its flow sensing offer to address even more applications within high-volume industrial, medical and consumer markets.

Target applications include data centres and gaming PCs that rely on efficient air cooling to maximise performance and energy-efficiency, and consumer appliances such as HVAC, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners.

Flusso - FLS122
This cutaway image shows the sensor membrane within the FLS122, three of its five heater
and sensing wires and gold bond wires connected to the lead frame within the device package.

The FLS122 has been designed to support bidirectional flow sensing and to provide real-time temperature and air speed measurement of up to 20 metres per second. The new sensor has been designed for easy and low-cost integration, and uses a CMOS MEMS die derived from the one used within Flusso’s FLS110 award-winning mass flow sensor.

The FLS122 uses the same novel integration concept as the FLS110 that allows manufacturers to decide how and where to integrate it, and to balance system performance versus cost depending on their requirements.

The new sensor will be supplied with a full package of support material including an evaluation kit, hardware design guides, sensor firmware and a software development kit, as well as application engineering support.

Flusso - FLS122

The FLS122 has been integrated into a 6-pin DFN package with a specially-designed ‘tunnel lid’, optimised for accurate measurement of flow velocity with little or no pressure drop required in the flow path. Samples of the FLS122 are available to qualified customers on request.

1-4 Layer PCBs $2

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