ModSTACK HD. New High Density IGBT stack with PrimePACK based on the well known ModSTACK platform

Infineon ModSTACK

WITH THE INTRODUCTION of ModSTACK™ HD, Infineon Technologies extends the established ModSTACK™ platform to increase the power range and modularity by using PrimePACK™ IGBT4 modules.

Infineon - ModSTACK

INFINEON‘S HIGH POWER IGBT stacks have been implemented by leading manufacturers and are used in countless applications all over the world. Under permanent load in daily demanding use in rough environments such as wind mills, pumps, industrial and auxiliary drive applications, Infineon‘s IGBT ModSTACK™ convince with their high reliability and robustness.

General features

  • Modular stack system designed for industrial approved cabinets
  • Optimized high efficiency heatsinks
  • Low inductance DC link with polypropylene or electrolytic capacitors
  • Integrated IGBT EiceDRIVER™
  • Voltage signals for control and monitoring (currents, voltages, short circuit, heat sink temperature, failure signals)
  • Simulated chip temperature available as voltage signal
  • Up to 4 units can be operated in parallel
  • Electrical or optical interface for digital control signals available

Main Features

  • Highest power density due to usage of new PrimePACK™ IGBT_modules
  • Wide product range for all applications
  • For standardized cabinet frame size
  • High reliability and robust construction


  • Renewable energy systems
  • Variable speed drives
  • Heavy duty drives
  • Galvanic and Electroplating
  • Inductive heating and welding
  • Trolley buses, trams, suburban trains
  • Auxialiary inverters
  • Asynchronous power links
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