International Rectifier Introduces a 16-Amp-Rated Integrated Power Module that Simplifies Motor Drive Design and Conserves Energy

International Rectifier

June,26 2003 - International Rectifier, IR®, introduces the IRAMX16UP60A, the newest member of the PlugNDriveTM family of integrated power modules that simplify variable-speed electronic motor control circuits. Electronically controlled, variable speed motors can reduce energy use by up to 30%. The 16A-rated IRAMX16UP60A is designed for 750W to 1.2kW variable speed motor drive applications such as in-room air conditioners, commercial refrigerators and large capacity washers.

The new power modules are part of IR's iMOTIONTM family of integrated design platforms, incorporating a three-phase inverter power stage with gate drivers and auxiliary circuitry in a compact, high performance, isolated package.

IRAMX16UP60A integrated power module

The IRAMX16UP60A combines IR's low loss, non-punch-through (NPT) short circuit-rated IGBT with a three-phase, high-voltage, high-speed driver IC and over 20 individual parts into a single unit. The new module, plus a few external components and one microcontroller, enables a complete variable speed motor drive. EMI emissions are minimized due to shorter connection routing, optimized component layout and internal shielding.

An open emitter configuration facilitates the implementation of several motor algorithms. Using the IRAMX16UP60A PlugNDrive module enables multi-shunt current feedback for a sophisticated vector control loop, in V/Hz control loop, with no circuit layout limitation.

Part Number Current Rating @ Tc=25°C Current Rating @ Tc=100°C VCES PWM Frequency Temp Protection Package
IRAMX16UP60A 16A 8A 600V <20kHz Yes SIP2

Built-in over-temperature and over-current protection and integrated under-voltage lockout functions deliver fail-safe operation. Bootstrap diodes in the high-side driver section combine with the required single-polarity power supply to simplify circuits. In addition, the IRAMX16UP60A includes a temperature monitor read-back signal and synchronized shut down function.

Availability and Pricing
The new IRAMX16UP60A is available immediately. Pricing is US $12.85 each for the IRAMX16UP60A in 10,000-unit quantities.

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