PMAfob: Single-Chip Remote Control Solution

Infineon TDA 7210V PMAfob

The new Infineon's home automation application example including hardware and software code examples is the perfect starting point to design an RF remote control solution for the sub 1GHz frequency bands. It consists of an RF board including the TDA 7210V receiver and a microcontroller and a PMAfob as transmitting counterpart forming a typical remote control application. The wireless protocol and software example establish a wireless link upon the installation of the evaluation kit and as such enables an easy and fast development.

Infineon - PMAfob

The TDA 7210V remote control receiver board is a typical example of how the TDA 7210V can be used as a receiver in a remote control application. Here, a microcontroller on the TDA 7210V side decodes the signal and drives the five output channels.

PMAfob is a remote control transmitter example for 434MHz. It builds a typical keyfob using only the SmartLEWIS™ MCU single-chip PMA 7105 and eleven external components. 

PMAfob: single-chip keyfob
PMAfob: single-chip keyfob


  • Complete remote control solution
  • Receiver and transmitter evaluation boards including antennas
  • Sample software code for receiver (C source)
  • Sample software code for transmitter (C source)
  • Schematics, components list and PCB layout information for all boards


  • Home automation
  • Garage door opener
  • Curtain and shutter control
  • Lighting control
  • Heating control
  • Set-top boxes
  • General low data rate, wireless control applications for sub 1GHz frequency bands

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