Philips introduces industry's first multi-function PicoGate logic device

Philips Semiconductors

New crystal driver simplifies system design and reduces component count

29 Sept, 2003 - Royal Philips Electronics announced the industry's first multi-function PicoGate logic semiconductor optimized for crystal oscillator applications. The new 74LVC1GX04 crystal driver combines the functions of an un-buffered inverter and a driver into one logic device thereby allowing designers to reduce component count, save board space and accelerate time to market.

Crystal controlled oscillator circuits are widely used in clock generators due to their excellent frequency stability and wide operating frequency range. The use of the 74LVC1GX04 crystal driver provides the additional advantages of low power dissipation and stable operation over a wide range of frequencies and temperatures. The new device is manufactured in a very small footprint package, which makes it ideal for mobile computing, telecommunications, networking and automotive applications.

The 74LVC1Gx04 crystal driver operates between 1.65 and 5.5 Volts with symmetrical 24 mA output drive capability. It is available in both the SOT363 (2.0 x 2.1 mm) and SOT457 (2.75 x 2.9 mm) PicoGate packages.


The 74LVC1GX04 is available now.

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