National Semiconductor Introduces High-Speed Radiation-Tolerant Operational Amplifiers for Video, Audio and Communications Applications

National Semiconductor LMH6715 LMH6628 LMH6624

New Op Amps Feature 300 Krad Radiation Tolerance for Military and Aerospace Solutions

National Semiconductor Corporation released a family of high-speed operational amplifiers for the military and aerospace market. Originally designed for commercial and industrial applications, these products will replace many of the functions of the company's popular Comlinear line of operational amplifiers.  Each of the products is produced on National's unique patented VIP10 manufacturing process, which enables space-level radiation tolerance to 300K rads/si total dose.

The parts are the LMH6715, a high-speed dual wideband current feedback video amplifier, the LMH6628 a dual low noise operational amplifier, and the LMH6624 a single very low noise voltage feedback operational amplifier.

LMH6715 Dual Wideband Video Op Amp
The LMH6715 is a current feedback, unity gain stable, high-speed dual video amplifier.  It is designed for used in dual 5V supply systems.usable bandwidth.

LMH6628 Dual Wideband, Low-Noise, Voltage Feedback Op Amp
The LMH6628 is the lowest noise 300MHz Bandwidth, 500V/usec slew rate dual amplifier on the market. It features unity gain stability and an easy to use voltage feedback topology and is well suited for single or dual 5V supply applications that require high output current and wide bandwidth.

LMH6624 Ultra Low Noise Voltage Feedback Op Amp
National's LMH6624 is an ultra-low-noise operational amplifier designed to provide outstanding dynamic range in systems. The low offset of 100mV and low drift of 2mV/C provide the high DC accuracy that is needed for precise, high-resolution applications.

For More Information
For product samples, datasheets and additional technical information see National's web site at

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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