National Semiconductor Expands LMH Product Family With Introduction of Ten New High-Speed Amplifiers

National Semiconductor LMH6702 LMH6624 LMH6732 LMH6714 LMH6657 LMH6658 LMH6682 LMH6683

Featuring Breakthrough Performance, National's Latest High-Speed Amplifiers Have Lower Distortion, Lower Noise, and Greater Small and Large Signal Bandwidth Than the Competition

Dramatically expanding a popular product line, National Semiconductor launched 10 new high-speed LMH amplifiers for high frequency applications in the communications and video markets.  Featuring ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth, National's newest amplifiers combine National's strengths in analog design, unique VIP10 processing technology, reliable manufacturing and price/performance leadership.

VIP10 Process

National's latest LMH amplifiers are members of a new series of high-speed products based upon the VIP10 process.  Developed in National's wafer fabrication site in Arlington, Texas, VIP10 is a high speed, dielectrically isolated, complementary bipolar IC process that utilizes deep trench technology on a bonded wafer for complete dielectric isolation and optimal high-speed amplifier performance.  VIP10 is the process technology that allows National to design the most power-efficient, performance-oriented high- speed amplifiers on the market today.

LMH Products

Each of the 10 LMH devices targets a specific market segment within the communications and video markets.  They are available in a range of packages to accommodate customer needs.

National's LMH6702 differentiates itself from the competition by offering ultra-low distortion of -79/-88dBc at 20MHz, wide bandwidth of 720MHz (2Vpp Av=+2), and a fast slew rate of 3100 V/us for driving heavy loads.  The LMH6702 is targeted at the base station, multimedia and test equipment markets.

The LMH6624 combines wide gain bandwidth (1.5 GHz) with very low output noise (0.92nV/rtHz, 2.3pA/rtHz) and ultra low DC errors, providing a very precise amplifier with wide dynamic range.  The LMH6624 is optimized for high gain applications greater than Av=+10.  It is targeted for applications in communications, audio, medical and instrumentation markets.

National's LMH6732 allows adjustable AC performance from 0 to 1.5GHz with the addition of a single biasing resistor.  The biasing resistor controls the supply current, which is adjustable over a fifteen to one continuous range.  The LMH6732 has a disable feature that reduces supply current to 1uA in shutdown.  When enabled, this amplifier has the industry's lowest "turn-on glitch," making it well suited for multiplexing applications.  The LMH6732 is ideal for applications such as battery-powered video, test instrumentation and communications gear.  Other applications include video switching matrices, ATE and phased array radar systems.

The LMH6714 is a single operational amplifier, the LMH6720 is a single with 500uA shutdown, and the LMH6722 is a quad operational amplifier.  All three products provide a 400MHz small signal bandwidth at a gain of Av=+2 and an 1800V/us slew rate while consuming only 5.6mA from + 5V supplies.  The low differential gain and phase, wide bandwidth, high output and low power of these parts make them ideal for broadcast-quality video systems.  Additionally, the high impedance state during shutdown makes the LMH6720 suitable for use in multiplexing multiple high-speed signals onto a shared transmission line.  National's LMH6722 quad amplifier is ideal for high-performance, high-density video applications, multiple channel IF applications, and high order active filters.

National's LMH6657 and LMH6658 are single and dual, unity gain stable, high-speed amplifiers that feature voltage feedback technology.  These devices feature wide output dynamic range and low power (6.2mA per channel). The LMH6657/58 have bandwidths of 270MHz at a gain of Av=+1 and slew rates of 700V/usec, making them suitable for a variety of consumer video applications such as video drivers and 8-bit video ADC drivers and 8-bit video DAC buffers.

National's LMH6682 and LMH6683 are decompensated dual and triple 190MHz (Av=+2) voltage feedback amplifiers with fast slew rates of 940V/us and low differential phase and differential gain (0.03 percent and 0.05 degrees respectively).  These devices are ideal for use in high speed, large signal applications such as consumer RGB video, instrumentation, communication devices and set-top boxes.

JLCPCP: 2USD 2Layer 5PCBs, 5USD 4Layer 5PCBs

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