International Rectifier Introduces a New Three-Way Dimming Approach that Can Deploy Energy-Saving Fluorescent Lamps Without Retrofit

International Rectifier

September 27, 2003 - International Rectifier, IR®, introduces a new approach to three-way dimming systems that are in widespread use in hotels and residential applications throughout North America and Asia. Currently, most three-way dimming systems are compatible only with conventional filament incandescent lamps. The IRPLCFL4 reference design, based on the IR2156 ballast IC, allows compact fluorescent lamps to be dimmed using the existing three-way socket. This means that consumers can replace their wasteful filament light bulbs with an energy-saving fluorescent unit without retrofitting or replacing existing fixtures.

The IR2156 enables a completely new ballast approach to pre-heating, ignition, frequency control and light output. The IRPLCFL4 reference design incorporates a voltage doubler at the front end in all modes of operation, providing a fixed 300VDC bus. By choosing the dead time and value of the snubber capacitor it is possible to achieve soft switching in all modes of operation.

The reference design contains an IR2156 ballast control IC, a working three-way dimming ballast, board layout and silkscreen files, reference design documentation, bill of materials, data sheet, IR lighting CD-ROM with application notes, design tips and ballast design software.

Reference Design Part Number IC Line Voltage Lamp Power Configuration
IRPLCFL4 IR2156 120VAC 26W Single lamp

Availability and Pricing

Visit the Lighting Reference Designs site, for more information on the IRPLCFL4 and other Lighting Reference Designs. The unit price for the IRPLCFL4 is US $190.00 each.

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