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  1. Intersil Corporation announced the ISL78010 , an automotive-grade TFT-LCD power supply IC. This device is AEC-Q100 rated, fully ISO/TS 16949:2002 compliant and operates over the automotive temperature range (-40 C to +105 C). It is ...
    Supply » Intersil » ISL78010
  2. Intersil Corporation announced a new family of power-efficient, rail-to-rail input/output operational amplifiers and comparators that includes the new industry leader in power efficiency. The ISL28194 boasts an industry’s best supply current ...
    Amplifiers » Intersil » ISL28194, ISL28195, ISL28196, ISL28197
  3. Intersil Corporation announced the ISL21007 voltage reference. This reference, part of Intersil’s newly launched pinPOINT™ Precision Analog Product Line, delivers low-noise performance at 4uVpp (0.1Hz to 10Hz) and low supply current at ...
    Supply » Intersil » ISL21007, ISL21009
  4. Intersil Corporation announced the release of the ISL28190 , ISL28290 , ISL28191 and ISL28291 . These devices, part of Intersil’s pinPOINT™ Precision Analog product line, deliver noise performance up to four times better than ...
    Supply » Intersil » ISL28190, ISL28290, ISL28191, ISL28291
  5. Intersil introduced the ISL59118 , a 9 MHz, dual-channel, low-pass filter that eliminates video glitch noise associated with the use of video DACs. This device uses nearly 50% less bias current than it’s previous generation devices and stands ...
    Supply » Intersil » ISL59118
  6. Intersil Corporation announced the ISL1539 , the latest addition to Intersil’s family of line drivers featuring low power, very small footprint and extremely good linearity. The ISL1539 is the first monolithic, dual port, DSL line driver for ...
    Drivers » Intersil » ISL1539
  7. Intersil Corporation introduced the ISL21400 Digitally Programmable Tempco Voltage Reference as part of the newly formed pinPOINT family of precision analog products. This product allows users to digitally set the temperature slope and DC voltage ...
    Sensors » Intersil » ISL21400
  8. Intersil Corporation announced the release of the single-chip ISL9208 , ISL9216 and ISL9217 chipset solution for cell balancing and overcurrent protection. These devices are the industry’s first integrated analog front ends for cell balancing ...
    Supply » Intersil » ISL9208, ISL9216, ISL9217
  9. Intersil Corporation announced the creation of the pinPOINT™ Precision Analog product line to complement Intersil’s recognized leadership position in high speed analog products. This new product line will feature a wide range of ...
    Amplifiers » Intersil » ISL21007, ISL21009, ISL28194, ISL28470
  10. Intersil Corporation introduced the ISL51002 , the industry’s most sophisticated 10-bit video digitizer. This device combines ease-of-use and high-resolution video performance to create the ideal choice for digitizing analog YPbPr video from ...
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