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  1. New JRC has launched a new Analog Front End (AFE) NJU9103 with built-in PGA which can set a gain of up to 512. The NJU9103 is suitable for pressure gauges and flow meters and entered mass production. General Description Recently, not only is the ...
    Interfaces » JRC » NJU9103
  2. New JRC has launched a new Analog Front End (Called AFE after) NJU9101 for electrochemical gas sensor. This device has high performance, low power and in a small package. General Description With the needs of portability enhancement and life ...
    ADC, DAC · Measurement » JRC » NJU9101
  3. New Japan Radio (New JRC) has provided the operational amplifier NJU77903 for resolver excitation in automotive electric system that realizes the easy resolver design, makes the mounting board or ECU smaller and lighter, and improves the ...
    Amplifiers · Automotive · Power » JRC » NJU77903

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