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  1. 66% more power GaNFast IC takes a bigger bite from the old, slow silicon chip market. Navitas Semiconductor announced the NV6128 , a new high-power 650V/800V-rated GaNFast power IC to address the high-power mobile and consumer power electronics ...
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    New GaNFast Power ICs with Integrated Cooling Pad Enable Even Faster Charging in Smaller Sizes Navitas Semiconductor announced a new range of 650 V-rated GaNFast power ICs in 6 × 8 mm PQFN packaging with a proprietary, integrated cooling pad ...
  3. Up to 5x smaller and lighter than old, slow Silicon-based designs Navitas Semiconductor announced the world’s smallest 65 W USB-PD (Type C) adapter reference design, to keep pace with the dramatic size and weight reductions in laptop designs ...
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