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Company: "Oxford Semiconductor"
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  1. Oxford Semiconductor announced that its Expresso family of PCI Express to Multi-Serial Port and Parallel Port expansion devices has gone into volume production. The OXPCIe95x devices deliver high performance, reliable, industrial-grade PCI ...
    Electronic components » Oxford Semiconductor » OXPCIe952, OXPCIe954, OXPCIe958, OXPCIe840
  2. Oxford Semiconductor announced two new ARM7 based storage controller ICs. Able to bridge between SATA hard disk drives and eSATA, FireWire800, FireWire400 and USB2.0 interfaces, these latest storage controllers are the first with a universal ...
    Electronic components » Oxford Semiconductor » OXUF934DSa, OXUF934DSb
  3. Oxford Semiconductor has announced the first devices in a new family of network-attached storage (NAS) controllers , designed specifically for consumer applications. Highly integrated and supported by a complete Linux based software design suite, ...
  4. Oxford Semiconductor Inc. has announced that its OXU121HP and OXU200 high-speed USB controllers have been compliance certified by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF). Compliance testing was carried out at the USB-IF Compliance Workshop in Santa ...
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