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Company: "Plessey"
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  1. Plessey is pleased to announce the launch of its new 7070 high power LED range, part number PLW7070GA. The PLW7070 products take full advantage of Plessey’s GaN on silicon MaGIC technology and provide a best in class high power LED component ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Plessey » PLW7070GA
  2. Plessey announced the launch of its smallest packaged MaGIC LED ( M a nufactured on G aN-on-Si I/C ) aimed at the surging wearable electronics market. The PLW138003 is a white LED in a 1005 SMT package designed specifically for the demand for ever ...
    Optoelectronics · Light » Plessey » PLW138003, PLB138003, PLB030003

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