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  1. Sony delivered a lecture on a back illuminated CMOS image sensor using its own laminated structure at ISSCC 2013. The pixel part and logic circuit part (for processing images) of the sensor, Exmor RS, are made as separate chips and stacked by using ...
  2. Sony unveils the WG-C10, a wireless server that can be used to access external storage devices. With it, you can wirelessly connect to a USB external HDD, SD card, USB Flash drive using a smartphone, tablet, or PC. External data cards may provide ...
  3. Technology from QD Vision replaces the conventional backlight in LCDs, allowing for purer colors Sony is using nanoscale particles called quantum dots to significantly improve the color of some of its high-end Bravia televisions. It showed off the ...
    Sony » KD-65X9000A
  4. Sony Corporation announced the commercialization of “ Exmor RS ,” the world's firs CMOS image sensor incorporating a unique, newly-developed ‘stacked structure.’ Shipments will commence in October. Sony is introducing three ...
    Sensors · Audio » Sony » Exmor RS IMX134, Exmor RS IMX135, Exmor RS ISX014
  5. Fastest-ever memory card with 168MB/s read/write speed captures the fastest sporting action The new memory card XQD S Series from Sony offers the capacity and reliability that’s demanded by professional photo journalists covering sports and ...
    Memory » Sony » XQD S Series 64GB, XQD S Series 32GB,
  6. Sony announced a new CMOS sensor the company is currently developing, that will eventually launch with “RGBW Coding” which will enable HDR video capture. By “stacking” the circuits that go into their new backside-illuminated ...
  7. The ICX638AKA and ICX639AKA are products mainly designed for security camera application and are diagonal 6.0 mm (Type 1/3) 380K/440K-pixel color CCDs. These products provide improved characteristics compared to the existing ICX408AK and ICX409AK. ...
    Sensors » Sony » ICX638AKA, ICX639AKA
  8. Sony announced the development of a bio battery1 that generates electricity from carbohydrates (sugar) utilizing enzymes as its catalyst, through the application of power generation principles found in living organisms. Test cells of this bio ...
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