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Company: "Teledyne Relays"
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  1. Teledyne Relays introduced yet another switching solution for military, aerospace and space applications - the Series J255 magnetic-latching, half-size crystal can relay. The dual-pole, dual-throw (DPDT) relay switches up to 2 amps at 28 Vdc and ...
  2. The LS10 relay is designed in a compact plastic package. The LS10 has a metallic base for heatsinking capabilities. Two models are offered covering a 3-30 Vdc control voltage range. The LS10 series is design for PCB mounting. The MOSFET output ...
  3. The Series SHP from Teledyne Relays phase angle controller has an analog input isolated from the mains to vary the phase angle proportionally to the input and load voltage. The SHP phase angle controller is designed mainly for resistive loads. The ...

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