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  1. The ams TDC-GPX2 measures time intervals at a resolution of up to 10 ps for ultra-accurate time-of-flight measurements in laser ranging and medical scanning applications ams AG has launched a new version of its market-leading time-to-digital ...
  2. ENS210 enables portable and connected smart home devices to improve performance and implement valuable new features ams AG launched the ENS210 , a single-die sensor IC providing extremely accurate, pre-calibrated measurements of relative humidity ...
    Sensors · Measurement » ams » ENS210
  3. AS3824 controller enables independent, flexible PWM control of each of 16 LED channels for local dimming and true reproduction of the darkest shades of black ams AG introduced the AS3824 , a 16-channel LED TV backlight controller which performs ...
    Supply · Video · Light » ams » AS3824
  4. ams AG announced that it is supplying its AS-MLV-P2 MEMS gas sensor component for VOC (volatile organic compound) detection to Withings for use in its innovative new Home monitoring system. Accurate, small and power-efficient, the AS-MLV-P2 sensor ...
    Sensors · Security · Wireless · Measurement » ams » AS-MLV-P2
  5. AS3701 micro-PMIC includes battery charger circuit, multiple power rails, protection features and I 2 C interface ams AG introduced the AS3701, an integrated power management unit with an especially small footprint for use in wearables and other ...
    Supply · Power » ams » AS3701
  6. New AS5047P with incremental ABI output is an ideal replacement for optical encoders and resolvers in motor and motion control systems that enables dramatically lower system costs while still providing high accuracy performance ams AG launched a ...
    Sensors » ams » AS5047P
  7. TCS3490 intelligent color sensor’s accurate measurement of color temperature and ambient light intensity enables sophisticated display color management control for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and digital still cameras ams AG released the ...
    Sensors · Optoelectronics » ams » TCS3490
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