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  1. Development Platform Accelerates Design of Application Functions Using Advanced Peripherals Available on 8-bit PIC Microcontrollers Microchip Technology Inc. announced an expansion of the development platform for its growing portfolio of innovative ...
    Microcontrollers » Microchip » DM164137, DM160228, DM163046
  2. UTC2000 Controller Enables Simple and Quick Implementation of Popular Reversible-Plug Connector for USB Devices and USB Cabling Into Wide Range of Applications Microchip Technology Inc. announced the addition of the UTC2000 , USB-C™ ...
  3. Holtek announces the release of its new 24-bit Delta Sigma A/D with LCD Flash MCU, the HT67F5660. The internal Delta Sigma A/D converter has an effective number of bits (ENOB) of up to 18 bits and with its abundant hardware resources and flexible ...
    Microcontrollers » Holtek » HT67F5650, HT67F5660
  4. Offering extensive software ecosystem and third party support, advanced memory and connectivity, Atmel | SMART ARM Cortex-M7-based MCUs deliver 50% more performance than closest competitor Atmel Corporation announced it is shipping in mass ...
    Microcontrollers » SMART SAM S70, SMART SAM E70
  5. Extensible STM32F7 Discovery kit revealed, leveraging ARM® mbed™ and Arduino ecosystems to bring smartest STM32 to the masses STMicroelectronics has become the first chip maker to begin volume production of microcontrollers featuring the ...
    Microcontrollers » STMicroelectronics » STM32F469, STM32F745, STM32F746, STM32F756, STM32F7 Discovery Kit
  6. Marvell's 88MZ300 802.15.4/ZigBee microcontroller delivers high performance at ultra-low power and supports open standards including ZigBee 3.0 and Thread Marvell announced its next-generation industry-leading 88MZ300 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless ...
  7. New USB3.0 Smart Hub Family Reduces System BOM and Design Complexity Microchip Technology announced from Computex Taipei the first USB3.0 Smart Hub that enable host and device port swapping, I/O bridging, and various other serial communication ...
    Interfaces · Microcontrollers » Microchip » USB5734, USB5744
  8. e2v announces the release of its new P1 series microprocessors from the QorIQ product family at this year’s Paris Air Show. Microprocessors from the QorIQ family are extensively used in commercial avionics and defense electronics systems, ...
    Microcontrollers » e2v » QorIQ
  9. EFM32® Happy Gecko MCU Family Simplifies USB Connectivity for Power-Sensitive, Battery-Operated IoT Applications Silicon Labs introduced the industry’s most energy-friendly USB-enabled microcontrollers (MCUs). The latest addition to ...
    Microcontrollers » Silicon Labs » Happy Gecko
  10. Highly integrated MSP430 FRAM microcontrollers with LCD enable industrial automation and metering applications at a reduced system cost Overcoming a design hurdle that has burdened engineers for decades, Texas Instruments (TI) announced a ...
    Microcontrollers » Texas Instruments » MSP430FR6972, bq25570, CC2650

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