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  1. While working with a 10-bit DI-184 module from Dataq to monitor and display vibration-sensor data, I found that, although the chart displays a time index, this time reference is not visible in the saved file. You can add time ticks, representing ...
  2. .. Pontoppidan This article is about a Tetris game I created with an AtMega32 controlling the beam of an oscilloscope, which I very creatively named Scopetris. The Telequipment D61 oscilloscope running Scopetris. ( ...
  3. .. Generator (AWG). The Xminilab's can also be used a development boards for the XMEGA AVR microcontroller. Mixed Signal Oscilloscope Specifications 1 Analog Inputs Input Impedance: 1MΩ Maximum Input Voltage: +/- 25V (+/- ...
  4. .. Mercer, Analog Devices Various software packages enable the stereo sound card found in a personal computer (PC) to provide oscilloscope-like displays, but the low-sample-rate, high-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and ...
  5. .. such as Syscomp Electronic Design, Ltd.2 (Figure 9). Figure 9. P6040 1×/10× scope probes. At this writing: Oscilloscope probes (P6040) with 40-MHz bandwidth, 1×/10×switchable, cost $29.99 per pair from ...
  6. .. It is targeted for anyone who wants to start learning AVR micros. The Xminilab-B is also a fully featured Mixed Signal Oscilloscope and Spectrum Analyzer with an Arbitrary Function Generator. General Specifications: ATXMEGA32A4 ...
  7. Josef Valasek EDN If you develop an application on a small microcontroller, your diagnostic tools for debugging of the program code might be very limited. This Design Idea introduces a simple debugging routine for plotting the binary value of one ...
  8. .. the magic of waves. Despite jaw-dropping computer graphic technologies, creating Lissajous patterns and other images on a oscilloscope is still exciting. Many online pages explain them in detail and show several popular patterns. ...
  9. .. voltage across the driver. This is defined by Re+Res. [let's say voltage is 42 mV which means Re+Res is 42 ohms]. (using an oscilloscope set for phase measurement, Fs will also be where the phase is 0). Calculate the ratio between ...
  10. .. of the microcontroller for measurement of the heart beat rate in BPM. The output voltage waveform can also be viewed on an oscilloscope. I connected Digilent’s Analog Discovery tool to check the input PPG and the output ...
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