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  1. This rain detector will give you a heads-up the instant it starts to rain, hopefully giving you time to close windows and bring in possessions. The battery-powered circuit draws virtually no current when the sensor is dry and the current ...
  2. Andy Collinson Description: A simple device to indicate various levels of hot water in a tank. Notes: Save fuel bills and the economy of the planet with this circuit. SW1 is a normally open press button switch which allows you to view the level of ...
  3. An Arduino board, an Ethernet Shield, a Proto Shield, and 3 Analog Meters What time is it? It's 7:46:41 Well, at the time I took this picture it was.. A month or so ago, a friend of mine introduced me to the Arduino Board. It's an open-source ...
  4. William Grill If your freezer fails you may have meat or other frozen stuffs ready to eat. Re-freezing, not generally considered an option, may be an alternative for you, but may be also a risky business. While for a short time, a freezer should ...
  5. Tillmann Steinbrecher CPU coolers have been getting more and more efficient over the last years. However, this higher performance usually has a price: More noise. Noise is annoing and reduces well-being and productivity - so why not do something ...
  6. Jose Pino Usually quartz clocks breaks easily (specially if these are made in china) after a while. The gears loses lubrication and the dust gets the job done. Fortunately, the electronics of the clock works for many years without problem, so you ...
  7. Rajkumar Sharma 4 Channel Infrared (IR) Remote is a simple kit using the famous HT12A and HT12D encoder / decoder chips from Holtek.
  8. Nick Johnson This is an old invention of mine. I had trouble waking up for work, and traditional alarm clocks didn't seem to help. I learned to hit the snooze or off buttons in my sleep. The problem was that alarms are too easy to turn off, and so ...
  9. Smilodon A while ago I made a door with a glowing image to go between my hall and living room. It worked great for a while, but it had a few flaws. First of all it got a bit bent when the wood dried. (I thought the glued wood sandwich I used would ...
  10. Ultimate Parts Storage If you like making things, you probably have hundreds or even thousands of little parts - nuts, bolts, screws, electronic parts, etc. This is one of the cheapest, most compact, flexible, portable and simple ways of storing ...

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