Toshiba Starts Sample Shipments of Bluetooth IC for Small Sized Applications such as Thermal Sensors and Toys

Toshiba TC35661SBG-700

Promoting Adoption of Bluetooth Communication

Toshiba Corporation announced the start of sample shipments of "TC35661SBG-700", a Bluetooth IC for use in small applications, such as thermal sensors, vibration sensors and toys.

Toshiba - TC35661SBG-700

The new IC integrates a rewritable memory for downloading users' custom programs, which are stored in EEPROM. This enables customization without any need for an external microcontroller. The IC promotes adoption of Bluetooth communication for small applications that do not have wireless functions, due to cost and PCB size restrictions.

The IC incorporates the Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) that is widely used for smartphones and other mobile equipment, facilitating development of Bluetooth compliant applications.


General wireless data communication such as remote control, sensor devices, toy; healthcare; and accessories for smartphone.

Main Specification of the New Product

  • Operation Voltage : 1.8V or 3.3V
  • Package: TFBGA64, 5mm×5mm, 0.5mm Ball pitch
  • Bluetooth version: Ver.3.0
  • User Memory Size: 13KB
  • Corresponding profile: Serial Port Profile
  • Interface: UART, I2C, GPIO
  • Other features: Function to execute user program, GPIO function, Sleep mode, Host wake-up.

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