Exar's DX2040 Doubles Hadoop Performance

Exar DX2040

Exar Corporation expanded its market-leading portfolio of compression and security solutions with the shipment of the DX2040 compression and security acceleration card. Targeting data analytics, storage, and cloud security markets, this low-profile, half-length eight lane PCI-Express 3.0 card accelerates Hadoop applications by a factor of 2 while simultaneously reducing storage costs.

Exar DX2040

The DX2040 offloads computationally intensive compression and security algorithms from a host CPU, reducing costly I/O bottlenecks and enabling maximum system throughput while optimizing storage efficiency. Leveraging Exar's XR9240 compression and security co-processor, the DX2040 delivers 40 gigabits/second of simultaneous compression, encryption and hashing while providing compression ratios comparable to level 9 gzip. In addition, the high performance public key engine delivers 40,000 operations per second of RSA with 2048 bit keys.

Seamless Hadoop Integration and Acceleration

Exar's hardware accelerated compression solution for Apache Hadoop, AltraHD, has been enhanced to support the DX2040. AltraHD integrates seamlessly into the Apache Hadoop software stack and automatically compresses all files using the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), as well as all intermediate data. The upgraded AltraHD integrating the DX2040 provides up to 2x the performance and 90% reduction in storage costs over native Hadoop.


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