Programmable Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated Improves System Power Reliability

Diodes AP22966 AP22966DC8-7

Diodes Incorporated introduced the AP22966 programmable load switch. With fully adjustable output slew rates, this 5 V dual-channel load switch provides simple and cost-effective soft-start functionality for improving 3.3 V and 5 V system power reliability in notebook, tablet and datacom products.

Diodes - AP22966

The device’s two N-channel MOSFET outputs can be independently controlled, with slew rates set via ground-connected external capacitors on its soft-start inputs. A logic-high signal applied to the channel-enable pins produces output voltages that increase gradually and linearly, thereby limiting circuit inrush current. Additionally, an increase in power density is achieved with the AP22966’s use of the small form factor, exposed-pad DFN3020 package, which offers a PCB footprint of just 6 mm2.

The AP22966 load switch operates over a wide 0.8 V to 5.5 V input voltage range. This device is also characterized by very low quiescent currents (60 μA for both channels and 45 μA for single-channel), making it well-suited for battery-backed distributed power systems where energy efficiency is paramount.

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