Super Barrier Rectifier Technology from Diodes Incorporated Improves Efficiency and Reliability of Automotive Daytime Running Lights

Diodes SBR10M100P5Q SBR8M100P5Q

Diodes Incorporated introduced the SBR10M100P5Q and SBR8M100P5Q. These automotive-compliant super barrier rectifier (SBR®) diodes employ patented and proprietary technology and can significantly reduce power loss and lower operating temperatures in automotive applications. When used as a recirculating diode in DC-to-DC buck-boost converters for automotive daytime running light (DRL) applications, these devices can improve system efficiency by up to 5% while reducing operating temperatures by up to +5 °C.

Diodes - SBR10M100P5Q, SBR8M100P5Q

The SBR10M100P5Q (10 A, 100 V) and SBR8M100P5Q (8 A, 100 V) feature low forward voltage drop, ultra-low reverse leakage, and fast switching speeds; these combine to reduce system efficiency losses by up to 30%. When compared to traditional Schottky barrier diode technology, these devices improve energy consumption and reduce running costs. Generating less heat reduces the cost of cooling components and provides a more reliable end product.

SBR technology is a drop-in replacement for existing Schottky diodes; it can deliver immediate benefits without any costly redesign effort, and reduces time to market for existing systems that need to meet more stringent limits.

In addition to DRL, the SBR10M100P5Q and SBR8M100P5Q can be deployed in other applications as they deliver superior efficiency and reliability performance over Schottky diodes in polarity protection, switching and blocking, as well as AC-DC and DC-DC conversion.

The SBR10M100P5Q and SBR8M100P5Q SBR diodes are automotive-compliant to AEC-Q101 and can be supplied in accordance with PPAP requirements. They are available in the efficient PowerDI®5 package.

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