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Holtek New 1T Architecture HT66FM5440 BLDC Flash MCU

Holtek » HT66FM5440

With a desire to expand its presence in the Brushless DC Motor controller application area, Holtek is delighted to now announce its new HT8 core 1T Architecture BLDC Flash type MCU, the HT66FM5440. This new device fully supports square wave with Sensor-less or Hall Sensors as well as sinusoidal wave with Hall Sensor generation solutions. These features make the device suitable for both single phase and three phase Brushless DC Motor applications.

Holtek - HT66FM5440

The 1T architecture of the HT66FM5440 ensures that each instruction is executed within one oscillation period. Regarding other features, the device has 4K × 16 capacity of Flash Program Memory, 384 bytes of RAM Data Memory and a 4.5 V~5.5 V operating voltage range. A Multiplication Division Unit, MDU, which is a hardware unsigned multiplier and divider unit, is provided for complex mathematical operations. In addition, the BLDC motor control circuit along with internal over current protection circuits, an operational amplifier and 16-bit capture timer functions combine to form a comprehensive motor protection mechanism. These features make it easy to execute current and voltage monitoring and protection, which is implemented by turning off the PWM function and thus cutting off the output driving signals when a locked rotor, over current or any other emergency event occurs, to ensure the motor driver system is stable and safe.

The device is available in a 28-pin SSOP package type and meets with industrial specifications and has excellent noise immunity characteristics.

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