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Azoteq announces the IQS620: a capacitive, inductive and Hall-effect combination sensor, optimized for consumer electronics

Azoteq » IQS620

Azoteq’s IQS620is the first capacitive sensor with inductive and Hall-effect sensing capabilities in a single DFN(3×3)-10 package

Azoteq announced the release to market of the IQS620. The IQS620 is the first capacitive touch and proximity sensor, along with inductive and Hall-effect sensing, in a single, low-profile DFN(3×3)-10 package.

Azoteq - IQS620

The IQS620 ProxFusion™ IC is a multifunctional “sensing tool” in which capacitance, inductance, Hall-effect and temperature sensing can be configured. The inductive sensing is suitable for the detection of metallic objects, while capacitive sensing provides human touch and proximity detection. Highly configurable power modes and sensing configurations enable a wide variety of applications, including wearables, mobile devices and security. The device offers various options to address the latest SAR requirements (EN50566:2013).

“The IQS620 is the ‘Swiss army knife’ of capacitive sensors and offers the added value of combination sensing at a price point that rivals other, similar, capacitive-only sensors,” said Jean Viljoen, VP of Marketing.


Capacitive sensing:

  • Full auto-tuning with adjustable sensitivity
  • 2 pF to 200 pF external capacitive load capability
  • Proximity / touch
  • Release detection algorithm for SAR UI
  • Movement detection algorithm for SAR UI
  • Proximity wake-up
  • Proximity enable on Hall-effect event

Inductive sensing:

  • Only external sense coil required (PCB trace)
  • Distinguishes between metal and other materials
  • Distinguishes between metal types (ferrous and non-ferrous)

Hall-effect sensor:

  • On-chip Hall plates
  • No external components required

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