New LFPAK56 MOSFETs from Nexperia feature improved creepage and clearance, meeting UL2595

Nexperia PSMN0R9-30ULD PSMN0R9-40ULD

Industry’s only available devices compatible with Power-SO8 footprint to meet new standard for battery-powered equipment.

Nexperia announced that two of its LFPAK56-packaged portfolio of MOSFETs are now available with improved creepage and clearance to meet UL2595 requirements for battery-powered equipment rated between 15 and 32 V. Devices are 100% compatible with the industry-standard Power-SO8 footprint; no other compact, surface-mount devices yet meet UL2595 which calls for minimum creepage and clearance distances of 1.5 mm between Source and Drain terminals.

Nexperia - PSMN0R9-30ULD, PSMN0R9-40ULD

Unlike some competing Power-SO8 types which are constructed using wire bonding, Nexperia’s LFPAK56 package uses a copper clip which is soldered in a single operation to the surface of the die. This reduces spreading resistance and gives LFPAK56 superior electrical and thermal characteristics as well as increased reliability. The new PSMN0R9-30ULD and PSMN1R0-40ULD N-channel MOSFETs in the enhanced SOT1023A package feature a creepage distance of 1.5 mm and a clearance distance of 1.55 mm. The PSMN0R9-30ULD device is rated at 30 V, offering 0.87 mΩ and 300 A, the PSMN1R0-40ULD is rated at 40 V, with 1.1 mΩ and 280 A.

The PSMN0R9-30ULD and PSMN0R9-40ULD MOSFETs are part of Nexperia’s NextPowerS3 family of devices that offer a combination of low RDS(on), high maximum current and strong safe operating area (SOA), perfect for battery-powered motor control applications.

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